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About Us

What is AllChristianJobs?

Perhaps you've heard of churchstaffing.com, monster.com, Lending Tree, Progressive, eBay and other businesses who empower their customers by offering them as much information and as many options as they can find about a particular product or service.  This keeps prices competitive and gives the purchaser confidence that they are getting the best possible value.

AllChristianJobs is simply that concept expanded to include businesses and professionals of virtually every stripe.  Essentially, we’re a Christian career job site with the added benefit of a global freelance marketplace. We bring contract work to freelancers and job seekers to the workplace.

Take our Career Jobs Tour to see how it works.
Take our Freelance Tour to see how it works.

What makes us different:

There are a number of Christian job sites on the Internet today, however nearly all of them are dedicated exclusively to placing career professionals in permanent positions on church staffs.

We offer all of that and more.

What we do for Christian employers.

In today's growing Christian marketplace there is a need for an incredible diversity of highly skilled labor to meet the sophisticated expectations of congregations, customers or other constituents.  Most non-profit organizations and smaller Christian businesses cannot support full-time personnel in positions such as graphics, communications, webmasters, and other technical areas.  Their options are either to get along as best they can in house with diminished quality and output or to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on contract labor with a limited number of professionals from which to choose, never really knowing if they are getting the best value available.  With AllChristianJobs, you can have peace of mind that your resources are being well spent on a hand-picked, high quality service or product at the best possible price. At AllChristianJobs we bring skilled professionals together to compete for your business.  Consider a few examples:

Do you need a website for your church or company?
How about a custom logo or letterhead?
A technology consultant?
A band or speaker for an event?

The list is endless, so where do you turn when you may have little knowledge or expertise in an area, few local options, but you want to know that your money is getting a quality product or service at a fair price, or better yet, a bargain?

The answer is AllChristianJobs.

What we do for career and freelance professionals.

Have you considered the Christian marketplace?  There are over 600,000 protestant churches in the United States alone, not to mention hundreds of thousands of other Christian-owned businesses and nonprofits - all of which rely on contract labor to varying degrees.  We open the door on both sides - to the freelancer to participate in this vast market and to churches and businesses - awakening them to the increased potential and effectiveness possible through the global pool of remarkable, affordable talent sitting no further than their office computer.

What we do for the cause of Christ.

At AllChristianJobs we believe in relationships. Relationships help prepare hearts to receive the gospel. Relationships empower and encourage. Relationships can change the world.  It is our desire and hope that AllChristianJobs will be used to further the gospel of Christ throughout the earth with relationships that will start right here.

While the owners of this site are Christians, some freelancers, career professionals and businesses who use our site may not be.  We believe this is a good thing. That's where you come in! The more relationships we make with non-Christians, the more opportunities we have to share the good news of Christ with those who need to hear it.

It may surprise some who are unfamiliar with this particular application of the Internet to learn how easily they can hire someone for a project or in some cases even a permanent job - someone who is literally on the other side of the world.  Some of the most talented professionals in areas like programming, graphic and website design, customer service management, bookkeeping, and other vital administrative services are in countries like India, Pakistan, the former Soviet states, and many developing nations.  What an unbelievable platform to express the God's love!  The Internet provides a forum for all people, regardless of color, caste or creed to connect and benefit from each other's needs and skills.

Another aspect to this is how the Internet confronts poverty - it levels the playing field in several ways.  For many people in the world there are governmental, economic and social structures that are barriers to entry into the marketplace, even for skilled workers.  Most do not have the ability, much less the means to get visas, work permits or transportation from a developing nation to one with a market for their skills.  We bring the market to them, and they bring their abilities to us, to mutual benefit.  We believe this and ideas like it are the only real and lasting solutions to poverty in the world.  We're also determined to make sure that our business retains its philanthropic roots with a direct charitable impact.  Therefor a majority of the net proceeds from this business are contributed to Christian missions efforts impacting South Asia.  But charity alone is not enough; we must be teachers, and we must be students.  We must find creative ways to enable and inspire people to trade in despair for hope, empowering them to provide for themselves and their families, ennobling them with the dignity of a job well done and a decent wage earned. This is our vision at AllChristianJobs.

If you are interested in learning more about our charitable impact, please contact us using the contact form on this website, or visit PeaceGospel.org, our beneficiary organization.