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  Privacy Policy  

allchristianjobs.com is committed to honoring your privacy at all costs. We want every user to have a memorable experience at our site. Our privacy policy includes the following facets.

1. allchristianjobs.com may collect certain information with regard to your domain name, email address, demographic information, age, gender, preferences, etc that will help us offer you a better and more effective service. Any information collected is used for your benefit either for content up gradation or for policy notification. We do not sell your personal details to third parties for profit.

2. Information is disclosed to third parties only with your consent and approval. Your information will only be available to authorized personal at allchristianjobs.com and those agencies that we personally employ. They will in turn not disclose your information to external sources.

3. Information will be disclosed if it is mandated by law by a legal entity in connected with a crime that has been committed or to safeguard the interests of our users.

4. At times we may collect information with regard to the pages that you have visited on allchristianjobs.com and the services that you have opted for.

5. If you have provided us with your postal address or telephone number, we will only contact you for the reason for which you gave us these personal details.

6. If you have opted for any promotional communication in terms of newsletters etc, the same will be sent to you however you have the option of un subscribing to such a service.

7. Any change in this privacy policy will be updated on the website. You are requested to check the website for policy changes periodically as email notification will not be sent.

8. At any point in time you can request access to proprietary information that is available with us.

9. We use internationally accepted encryption technologies while receiving and transferring data from one source to another source.

10. Resumes that are posted to our searchable database can be viewed by employers. In such a case, we cannot be held liable for misuse of the information on the resume.

11. Resumes posted to our confidential database cannot be viewed by all employers. Only employers that you have chosen will be able to view the contents of your resume.

12. We cannot protect personal information that you have posted in online forums found on the website.

13. Cookies are used to make your website experience more effective. We do not transfer viruses into your system. You have the option to decline or accept cookies; however you will find that cookies help us to serve you better.

14. As a user you have full control over your personal information. Thus you can log on to the site and update, add, delete or modify data that is given.

15. This site is not meant for children below thirteen years of age.